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Custom Bangle is a Melbourne based resin jewellery design company founded in February of 2012 by husband and wife team, Shahram and Amy.

After years and years of constant trials and pushing the boundaries, we are the founder of the original concept of preserving your wedding bouquet/special event flowers into a handcrafted resin bangle with our secret signature glass like finish and clarity and custom made to your wrist size.  Whether you wanted to wear this bangle or use it as a decorative piece of art, it simply brings you back to those precious memories that you had on that special day. You can get these unique bangles for yourself and even as gifts for your mother, mother in law, bridesmaids and even hand this down to your own daughter one day.  We also create decorative bowls, paperweights, drop earrings and pendants.

Custom Bangle's vision was to modernise the way of preserving your wedding flowers from your bouquet so you can take the memory out with you and not just look at it on the wall at home in a frame!  Your flowers will be preserved in their dried state forever in the resin and will not deteriorate over time.  We can also preserve flowers from other events such as funeral, milestone birthday, valentines day or simply any other flowers/items of sentimental value. 

Each keepsake is made from scratch in Shahram’s makeshift home laboratory.

Shahram designs the pieces based on both current trends as well as his own inspiration (sometimes taking creative advice from his two daughters and wife!) Colour palates and textures are often a source of inspiration that comes from nature. All pieces can take anywhere from 7 days to 10 days to make (due to current high volume of orders this timeframe is much greater). This includes preserving the flowers, drying time and of course the gruelling and technique orientated task of bringing each piece to life.

The bespoke pieces are then packaged in crystal clear PVC boxes that enhance the beauty of each piece. Ensuring that you as the buyer are investing in a quality, handmade piece that has a story to tell.

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