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  • Do I need to contact custom bangle before my special event?  Yes, please contact us as we need to give you all the information on how to dry your flowers, get your wrist measurement and the various bangles we offer.  Flowers need to be dried the day after your event so it is important to contact us BEFORE your event.
  • How do I dry my flowers?  Flowers need to be dried flat and in a specific way so please contact us BEFORE your event to get the procedure.
  • How do I pack my flowers and send to custom bangle?  Flowers need to be sent in a padded bag and place the flowers in between two cardboard pieces lined with tissue, this way when the package is sent there is less chance of it getting bent and the flowers possibly being damaged in transit.  Please send via express post and make sure a tracking number is given as this is the most secure way of sending items.
  • What bangles do you offer and what is the cost?  We offer two bangles, a wide design and a narrow design bangle,  they are all priced FROM $130 AUD plus postage. Once you advise the flowers you are drying and your wrist measurement we can then confirm the final price.  We do combine shipping cost when all bangles are sent to the one address.
  • When do I send you my flowers?  Two weeks after drying your flowers please contact us and we can give you address details on where to send your flowers.  You will also need to advise us your order details before flowers are sent.
  • How do I make payment?  Once we receive your order details and flowers we will send you an invoice via quickbooks and you can make payment via paypal.  If you do not have a paypal account then we can advise our bank details to pay directly into.
  • How long until I receive my completed bangle? Once your payment is received your order will be placed in the queue and bangles can take up to 12 weeks to be completed and ready for delivery.
  • How is the completed bangle/s sent?  The completed bangles and your leftover flowers (if you wish them to be sent back) will be sent via express post and with signature required on delivery.
  • How will my flowers dry?  All flowers react differently to the drying process. They will all change their colour when dried depending on their freshness when dried, their water content and the weather.  White and light coloured flowers will dry a light or dark brown colour, they very rarely dry a white colour.  We can still use these flowers in the bangle when they are set against greenery and other unique pieces.